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Altai Regional Public Fund for 21st Century Altai – a non-governmental organization, whose many years of work involve a wide spectrum of ecological, social, cultural, and scientific issues.  Our work focuses on Greater Altai (including territory in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China), but with attention to its close interconnectedness with national and global problems.

Our Outlook

From the beginning, our organization has focused not only on practical action, but also on academic activities.  This has resulted in the gradual emergence of an ideo-theoretical platform, reflected in the Fund’s policy publications, as well as the formation of a scientific community, closely connected by friends and like-minded individuals in other regions and countries; and by common projects, conferences, and joint publications.

Our ideas are founded on three basic and interrelated premises:

Premise One: the Western, anthro-consumerist track of development (debate about which has been present in Russian thought for nearly two centuries) has now clearly revealed itself to be a dead-end.  It has led to global-scale planetary crisis, lack of a value hierarchy and the “confusion” of the modern human, the dominance of a mass culture, etc.  Therefore, the single, though difficult alternative, is the transition to a civilization of a new type – noospherical, or psycho-ecological.  This idea is unfolded in the first policy work of the Fund, “Spiritual-ecological civilization: foundations and prospects.”

Premise Two: overcoming the global crisis and becoming a noospherical civilization first requires the protection and cautious use of those regions where nature, indigenous populations, and national traditions have been preserved, as an original natural and cultural framework for the planet.  Altai is one such region.  A multitude of articles by the members of the Fund and other authors are devoted to this idea.

Premise Three: within the works of leading scholars and philosophers in the course of the last century, there has gradually formed a new world image, which synthesizes the greatest achievements of human thought and eventually overcomes the dissidences between philosophy, science, religion, and art, between Western and Eastern culture.  This idea is also developed in publications by the Fund’s members, as well as by our friends and like-minded colleagues.

Practical Work of the Fund includes action in a few basic areas:

- Monitoring the ecological situation in Greater Altai and participation in social and ecological decisions; public control over projects capable of exerting a negative impact on the environment and the cultural and historical heritage of the region;

- Developing environmental consciousness and culture;

- Promoting eco-technology in Altai, particularly alternative energy;

- Analyzing the course of development in modern education, culture, and art.

All of our projects are conducted in close cooperation with friends and partners in Russia and internationally.

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