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International Coordinating Council, “Our Common Home, Altai”

The International Coordinating Council, “Our Common Home, Altai” was formed in 2003 by the legislative bodies of the six territories of the Altai region: Altai Krai and the Altai Republic (Russia), the Eastern Kazakhstan Oblast’ (Kazakhstan), Xinjiang-Uigur autonomous region (China), and the Bayan-Ulgiisky and Khovdsky Aimaks (Mongolia).  In 2007, the executive branches in the Altai region were actively involved in the process of international regional cooperation.  It is also characteristic of the Council that the scholars and representatives at whose initiative the Council was created, take active and fruitful participation in its activities.

The formation of the Council was forerun by two international academic conferences, “Our Common Home, Altai,” which took place in 2000 and 2002, where academics, politicians, and NGOs (including the Fund for 21st Century Altai) actively worked out the principles and strategic goals of regional cooperation in Greater Altai.

The Fund continues to actively support the activities of the International Coordinating Council, especially the Commission it formed for the ecological security and sustainable development of the region.  Fund members M.Y. Shishin and A.V. Ivanov are scholar-experts of the Council.  Under the auspices of the Council and the Fund for 21st Century Altai, and with the participation of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology Issues, the International Summer School for students of the Altai region is in its seventh year running.  The Fund also puts out a socio-scientific almanac, “Altai Herald,” the Council’s official publication.  With the Council’s support, the Fund continues work on preparing the UNESCO nomination to broaden the area included in the “Golden Mountains of Altai” and on developing the “Russian Language in Mongolia” program. 

The Fund’s video productions (films, informational and educational programs), popularizing the Council’s activities and the cultural and ecological projects it sponsors, are regularly shown on regional broadcasting in Eastern Kazakhstan and Western Mongolia.





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